review ‘markt der sinne’ ostern 2013

My sister, the designer of WOCHENENDer, came to me one day before the beginning of setup on the booth. Thank to my husband we could transport our heavy stuffs on the first setup day and on the second day for setup we finally finished the booth with details and were ready to let the show begin!

…and quite then on the first day of the show we noticed that we didn’t think of the lighting. The beginner’s mistake, uff. It was even raining outside and we were sitting in a dark spot. On the next day I brought one of our desk lights from home and put provisorily on the table. Nevertheless, we made actually the best sales on the first day during 3 days of show. 😉
We could have much more photos from the show but we were just glad that we had each other and could help each other when one of us should serve buyers and answer to their questions. We need an external photograph maybe for the next time, like a real press shooting. 😉

After this 3 day show, my sister and I spent lovely time, mostly talking about all the world and our works, future, dreams and so on. Even though I thought of reviewing here, our dreamy idea! (psht!;) held on me and we worked onward. I hope to tell you soon about this more.:)
It was great time to show my works offline to the people and also exciting to see that some people indeed have an interest on my wall series. :)) On the next sales show in November I’ll be there again. If you are in my mailing list, you’ll be informed in time. So, stay tuned and I wish you lucky spring days!

With love, su-pyo

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