item #6 with give away

Item #6 is this set of 2 cards ‘greetings-blue bird’. More about this set, please see at my Etsy online store.
And for the 6th time I am going to give one set for free (give away) among whom leaves their name at the comment and on Sunday, 16th of Sep. the winner would be announced. Maybe this can be the last give away, if there’s no other new member to want to join this event.

I wish you all a good start of the week and wonderful days!

4 thoughts on “item #6 with give away”

  1. Hi, Kath! Nice to see you.:) No, you're not late at all, at least the give away of item #6 runs till this Sunday. And when we have more interested people, give away of item #7 can also come on next week. 😉

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