item #5 with give away

One set is for you as a give away and to get this set just leave a comment under this post with your name. On Sunday, 9th, Sep. Jona, my 8 month old son, will pick up between the notes where your name is written.:)
More about this set you can find at my Etsy store!

6 thoughts on “item #5 with give away”

  1. Unni, these are really nice, but since I received a beautiful set already, I think it would be great if someone else is delighted with this surprise. Hope all of you are doing well!

  2. Dear Joo, actually everyone who took part in the event were already winners once… it's so sad but only 2 or 3 people want to have these cards. So, I put you also to participants and you won!;)
    And now I have an idea. If you also think that someone else could be delighted with this surprise, why won't we surprise that someone indeed?! Mail me this someone who you know with his/her address. I'll send it to the person as a gift from you. What do you think of? But of course you can have for yourself, too.;)

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