#1 new item – letter writing paper set

I want to show you first what kind of items are getting prepared for online shops nowadays!
The new item that I proudly present is this letter writing paper set with calidris alba/Sanderling illustration.
In one set there are 5 pieces of A5 size and 3 pieces A4 with 8 ginger color envelopes.
2 slightly different Illustrations are printed double sided.
The paper is 90g (per square meter) and has a creamy white color.

When the sheet is folded, two illustrations meet one upon the other and you will find a hidden story of illustrations or maybe your own.;)

There are 5 pieces for sale and 1 piece for give away, yay!:)) I just publish this event here and to my facebook friends. What you need to do is leave a comment with your name. The winner will be announced on upcoming Sunday 19th of August! Then I wish you all good luck! And don’t be upset, ’cause there are still at least 15 give aways waiting for you!;) So, just keep watching!

4 thoughts on “#1 new item – letter writing paper set”

  1. Liebe Su-Pyo, Dein Set gefällt mir sehr gut! Ich schreibe in letzter Zeit wieder mehr Briefe und würde mich sehr freuen, wenn ich auch einmal etwas gewinnen würde 🙂 Viele liebe Grüße und vielleicht hab ich ja Glück?!

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