jona? sarah?

I’ve done all of my duties, like orders from my clients, and now the time has really come, just waiting and waiting for Ponyo’s readiness. Ponyo is still moving active in my tummy, I wonder when it’ll come! 😉 How will I feel, what will it be, when I’m first handed Ponyo into my hands and when I see him or her into its eyes?!!

I tried to spend this exciting time with making tiny letter-stamps for each name of Ponyo, namely Jona or Sarah, hehe. 😉 And the ending message of this year in my homepage, I couldn’t think of any other thing, except Ponyo. So, here’s my last words of this year and also the greetings for 2012! 🙂
Thank you so much for your following my blog this year and I hope it goes on next year, too and even more abundant and exciting!

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