white & brown chocolate

I researched hard as I can to get an idea for Ponyo’s room, visited some interior shops for children, googled through web, looked few catalogs of online shops…carrying Ponyo and walking along the street is not any delightful thing though.
The pic on the left side was one of the advertisement pics as the flat was to be sold and this room is for Ponyo. It looks pretty narrow and unfortunately the window is sitting too high and above all pretty small. But maybe we can make a better situation from this poor one. Ponyo will stay mostly at living room by us and only to sleep he or she will go to its room, and if, ‘if’ Ponyo is ready at all, to sleep alone at night. Anyway, I was almost drawing the future of this room in my head, Ponyo in 2 years, Ponyo with its sibling, Ponyo in 6 years..even in 10 years our two little children playing each other or probably more fighting each other..?;)

Back to the accomodation, I decided the color concept – it’s gonna be white & brown chocolate.:) Chris was near by envious, ’cause he would be also very happy, if he could marry with chocolate. hihi.
Maybe I should be careful with the choice of brown chocolate, not to be too dark, but after I thought that most of furnitures are white or light wooden color, a bit dark tone can’t be too bad.
Anyway I made some images in photoshop to put on to the model and of course there are our big friend Totoro and his friends giving the room a special touch!:))

Without any 3D furniture, it looks a bit strange, I know..;) But isn’t it exciting?! 😀

4 thoughts on “white & brown chocolate”

  1. Hi,

    Cool new house!! (last post :))Really great and did you have much fun making the maquette? Do you know the programme Sketch-up? You could use that too to make a maquette of your new house! Its a really great programme and not that hard to get used too!
    Nice weekend!

  2. Yea, I know about that program, too. But I'm a more like craftsman and feel comfortable making by my hands.;) Thanks, anyway! Wish you also a nice 4th Advent weekend.

  3. ㅎㅎ 아가방 꾸미는 재미난 일이 또 생겼네~~ 언니가 완전 좋아하는 일. 나도 아가방을 꾸며줄 조그만 무언가를 생각해봐야겠다.;)

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