ponyo’s mittens

Ponyo’s mittens are already done and Mama & Papa think it’s just too sad that Ponyo will put on this nice little mittens only for few weeks. But! Mama has an idea, namely..

taraaa~~~ hihi.;)) It’ll be used for a while as a finger puppet though!

D-25.. how much bigger is my tummy going to be in 25 days..uff. My doc said, when the baby grows further as this tempo, almost every 2 weeks about 200g more, maybe I need an cesarean to help the baby come out.;(( I really, really hope that Ponyo will come out soon and grow bigger outside, not inside of me.

2 thoughts on “ponyo’s mittens”

  1. So cute, those mittens. When I see the things you make, I want to lean how to mit (do you say it that way?) too!
    I hope little big Ponyo will come out the natural way for you. But I have to say I had a good laught (and the class too) at highschool during biology, when the topic was about childbirth. I was born by a cesarean, keizersnede in duth with means a emperorscut. So during class it just popped up and a boy in my class told me “so your an emperors child while we are all “pussy” childeren. We all had a great laugh about that! Even when I write this it makes me smile 🙂

    Storm greetings from Breda 🙂

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