This week has started with pretty big orders for christmas cards, letter writing paper sets and so on. Everyday I drop by the post office to deliver the items, I guess, they know my face already.;)
Packing cards or items ordered by some one could be a simple job but it makes me also fall into lots of pieces of thoughts..and that’s why I do love such kind of ‘simple’ work. It lets me feel earning suddenly lots of time to think back and plan the future.:) And when I see, each time when I pack for some one, that my package skills also have improved, it sounds silly but I feel great confidence growing in me. hehe.

By the way, I ask myself, how we’re gonna spend christmas this time..I may stay at home on occasion and not go anywhere far from the hospital. Hm. It would be nice, if we can have a small party by us..but am I gonna make it?? With much heavier tummy than now?:$ Well, worries are enough by us right now, I’ll just let it happen, when the time comes.
I wish I can have some time tomorrow to bake ‘Weihnachtsplätzle’ (christmas cookies)! 🙂

Thank you for your kind feedback!

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