waiting for ponyo

Actually I’m really tired now to write this blog in English..but if I write in German, I may translate it in English and that’s too much work for me..uff.:( Anyway! It’s now 35th week pregnancy and believe or not I have such a round, big tummy like a ball of soccer and how heavy it is! It looks extra much bigger and round, ’cause Ponyo plays almost in the middle of my belly.;)

Even though we are still under stress because of searching home, the d-day is getting near and I can’t just neglect my duty preparing for the Ponyo’s birth. I washed and sorted all of the clothes for Ponyo, which we’ve received from our family, relevants and colleagues.

Thousands of cloths from Grandma in Korea..;)

And the next knitting is mitten for Ponyo. So cute!:))

2 thoughts on “waiting for ponyo”

  1. So all is ready for him? It must be a wonderfull feeling (and sometimes painfull, at least I heard) to feel him play inside you.
    Succes and I hope the delivery will be quick and healty for the both of you!

  2. no, still we don't have any buggy yet..but we hope that we will find one, at the very latest when Ponyo is there.;) And yes, sometimes it's not funny when Ponyo starts kind of trample, but most of time it makes me happy, 'cause I know that Ponyo is doing fine and growing well inside.;)

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