returning energy

Just suddenly, prompt! Haaaa- what a nice feeling that my energy returns.;) Of course, I’m doing very carefully and not to overdo anything, eventhough my head and mind are busy with lots of things-to-do..
I started a very simple drawing, just lines with pastel. It’s really good to be able to do something productive and not only to stay in the bed.:))

Last Sunday was Ponyo’s Papa, Chris’ birthday.;) Lemon cake, that was all I could do at that time with my weak condition. Well, the bright simle of Ponyo has made him happy though.;)

I’ve found newly this booklet between pages in a book of mine and felt in kind of nostalgia… I made it in 2003 for the use of promotion of my website. It gave me back something I’ve lost… die Freude der Leidenschaft, der Mut des Glauben und die Leichtigkeit des Tuns! Joy of passion, courage of belief and easiness of doing!

During the last days in bed (ar)rest, I was gathering myself and my energy, but also considering my business and for the coming changes with Ponyo. I still don’t have an extraordinary idea which can bring my business to the success in a day!;p But somehow there should be a rearrangement and it’s the time (again) to prove myself against the exam – the endless exam, the life. And I hope that this tiny, innocent booklet of mine can bring me to the first step.

Happy weekend for everyone!:)

3 thoughts on “returning energy”

  1. Hi,
    How nice that your energy is back. I hope your condition will improve with every day. I really like the striped painting. I usualy won't get it that neat. What material did you use?

    Love Susan

  2. Hi Su-pyo,

    I tried to make something simular with softpastels. I have published it on my blog, with a link to your blog, hope you don't mind 🙂

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