my summer of 2011

2 sunflowers in my garden have blossomed and between rainy days recently, it was such a bright and sunshining day, I thought it’s the best time to take photos of them.:)

I’m still under bed rest.. and that’s why I’m just satisfying myself with tiny piece of green in my garden and few indoor plants at home. But it’s boring somehow, I really miss the grand nature on the mountain and the valley. I can hardly believe that it was just a year ago as Chris and I hiked through alps each with more than 10 kg heavy backpack about 11 days long. Right now I wish only to be able to walk outside and at least 1 hour long..

The day 28th of June, 2011 is going to be one of my most awesome days in my life. You remember, as I first announced my pregnancy here at my blog and also told about the danger which our baby was going through?
Well, it’s been almost more than a month since the danger (I had a hematoma, a bleeding in very large area of my womb) has begun and still the area of hematoma seemed to get no smaller and I was getting pretty nervous and depressed too. I couldn’t know if Ponyo(our baby’s nickname 😉 were still alive or growing up alright, ’cause the bleeding wasn’t stopping till that day.
With a great fear I had the ultrasonic check, and then aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh———- :)))
The first picture was showing the feet of Ponyo! How cute and how healthy it looked!! The mami was just beyond any word.:D

Ponyo was growing well and has no problem in particular. He or she was moving always as if it’s playing there.:)
Maybe this meeting with Ponyo has cheered my mind and powered up my body. The bleeding is stopping now and the area of the hematoma is getting slowly cured. But I should stay still 2 weeks more at home and have enough rest every day. I guess, never in my life-time I had such a long bed rest and read so many books.;)

Chris, Ponyo’s papa, has made us strawberry+raspberry sorbet, yummi!

And today a big parcel from Ponyo’s aunt, my sister in Korea came with full of seaweeds, korean cookies, korean noodles!! Thank you so much, Ponyo’s immo (aunt in korean) ! :))

And immediately I made Jab-Chae with onion, carrot, oyster mushroom, spinach and korean noodle. 😀

2 thoughts on “my summer of 2011”

  1. Great pictures, and in such different styles:)
    Happy to hear the pregnancy is going ok right know. (Did you know and have you seen that documentary about pregnancies, there is a serie about the human pregnancy and one about some animal pregnancies in Europe it was on discovery channel or national geografic channel.)
    Hope your weeks will pass quickly

  2. Hi, Susan! Nice to see you here and thanks a lot for your comment.:) I wish you happy days and lots of fun by the project(?) Illustration Friday! (I had also a quick visit to your blog.;)

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