visitors from my garden

My sickness from the pregnancy is slowly passing by and today I tried to draw something, or better to say, tried to find my lust for drawing again and sat at the balcony room with my painting tools. Well, it didn’t come out with success but I could catch a glimpse, what’s going on in my garden during the day and see who come to visit my garden.:))

I know, there’re many people who can’t stand this fellow,;) but it looked so free and joyous, swinging by the gentle wind! Somehow I couldn’t stop thinking of the film, ‘Singin’ in the rain’ – Doesn’t look like the spider singing, ‘swingin’ in the sky-‘?? ;))

And what the hell is this amazing creature??! Does anybody know?

He stayed pretty long time by the cosmos and then stopped by the other flowers, too. How huge he is!

My proud sunflowers.. I thought a while, if the feeling of parents whose children have been grown up and are adults could be like this, watching behind of them and being curious where they are heading for, what they are looking for, to whom they are falling in love and so on…;p
I just feel so overwhelmed, whenever I see them and how strong and tall they are.

2 thoughts on “visitors from my garden”

  1. it calls, Macroglossum stellatarum, known as the Hummingbird Hawk-moth! Auf Deutsch heisst Taubenschwärmer. 한국말로는 꼭두박각시 던가 그래.

    Jop, Euch euch ein schönes WE!;)

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