11th week of pregnancy

Until 12 weeks of pregnancy have been safely passed, they say it’s better not to announce in public, so I, mama-to-be and Chris, papa-to-be, we were just so happy with each other during last few weeks.
And then…, happened suddenly a danger to our baby and I should stay one week long in a hospital, not moving, but just laying in bed. We thought, the baby were to leave us so soon and I couldn’t stop thinking sad during first 3 days. After 7 days the threat passed by for heaven’s sake and on the last day of my stay in the hospital as I took the ultrasonic checking, I was crying for happiness that our baby has grown up 1 cm more, so now more than 4 cm and was moving so active, stretching its arms and legs and playing healthy in my womb!
Maybe I’m already in the 12th week of pregnancy, it’ll be determined by the next checking appointment by the doctor.
But the potential of the danger is still there..I should be very careful with myself and hope that the baby will just stay by me till the end. Here I share with you now, hoping that the baby gets more power to survive by all our wishes.

During my stay in the hospital, without my Chris I couldn’t have gone through this awful daymare and I knew always that he is a beautiful, great man to me and this time I was so grateful that I have such a wonderful, lovely man as my fiancé and the father of our child and our family. No word can express better to thank you, Chris.

I always dreamed to pick some flowers from my own garden and decorate the vase on the table.:)

There are new flowers coming out and blowing.:))

A short shot..to say hello.;)

4 thoughts on “11th week of pregnancy”

  1. Congratulations! I am very happy for three of you;-)

    Stay well and please pass my best wishes to your little baby!

    I hope everything will be all right.

    Best wishes from Seattle;-))

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