working on the birth announcement card

The family Wieland (Ines, Fabian and Luka) welcomed last Sunday their 4th member, Niko Lean. Congratulations!!:D
And for him I’m making the birth announcement card nowadays with a new technique for me, hand carve stamps.
I’ve learned from Geninne how to make and what kind of tools I need, if you’re also interested, here’s the link from her site.;) Unfortunately, I couldn’t find those tools or materials here in Germany, so I’ve ordered via internet. The most nasty thing by ordering from abroad may be the long waiting till I receive it.:(
As I was still waiting for the color for stamps, I just tried with my acrylic. The stamp method has really its own charm! Don’t you think so?

In the card there’ll be the sun, a ladybeetle, a tree in the grass field with some flowers and a blue bird with its baby bird.:) I’m pretty excited to finish this card!

I had a very big lust for bean curd, so rolled it in egg and roasted on the pan.
I think, it was so delicious, maybe more than a slice of beef steak!!;)Guten Appetit!
By the way, how does it call in English..?? enjoy your meal, something?

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