3 new items and lots of new creatures

From drawings of the birthday calendar I made a new item as a letter writing paper set. For all of you who still loves to write per hand, tells a story better than in email and knows the value of the precious hand-writing nowadays.:)
here to click!

I have now 3 plates done with the painting. I tried to use these plates by taking photos for my new etsy items.

Well, I decided at the end, not to put this pic into the show-window of etsy store but I still like this one with my hairy sox! hihi. And what a coincidence that the color of my sox and the plate are the same.:))

For more information…here to click!

And here comes the new ‘art cards in frame’ with 4 cards among ‘flower’ series.

The gray plate makes the frame pretty adorable, gel?;) I’m already very excited to imagine how the imaginary wall would look like!

And looooooook! There are so many new creatures in my garden!!:D Yay, they are going to blossom out!!
This is the infant blossom from capuchin.

And theses are from chamomile-!

And this one…I’m not sure but maybe from cosmos?
I may be off from tomorrow till next monday and I can’t help worrying about my garden…uff. ;(
I’ll miss them pretty much. sniff.

Thank you for your kind feedback!

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