imaginary wall

I am very fond of my home no doubt but in fact there are some barricades for my art-works. Except the balcony room the other rooms don’t have enough light to photograph and to show off my works. That’s why I used to take photos at the window or at night under the halogen-lightbulb, with that I never satisfy. But most of all, Chris never allows me hammering on the wall of this apartment and I can’t just have photo shooting from my works every time at the window! So I was wondering where can I put my works and take some attractive photos!
What I’m going to do is building a new imaginary wall in the balcony room so that I can drill and hammer any where any time, even I can paint it over in another color if I want to. There are plenty of materials from my last exhibitions,;) I should just design and put properly together with those materials I already have.
Yes, the dissatisfaction can create a new inspiration sometimes!;)

Oh, how I love to paint! :))

There’ll be altogether 3 MDF plates in this size and in turquoise blue, light skyblue and light gray. I hope I can finish making it up before I start to go to the office next week… oh waja, my overtime-holidays are almost through.;(

2 thoughts on “imaginary wall”

  1. Hi Su-Pyo
    Very good idea those 3 plates in different colors. The end of hollidays has something good : you are running to your next holliday !!!
    Have a great painting day !

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