tag der arbeit

The labour day was really a day with working. Well, the weather wasn’t motivating enough to do something except staying at home. Chris was struggling with his amp which he tried to exchange some old electrical parts, don’t ask me what they call, to new ones and I just kept going on making the birthday calendar.

For my client the frame will be made differently but I’m going to produce my own calendar with MDF frame.
The MDF stripe around each calendar board gives a simple and neat outline for the calendar but also it’s useful to held the print on a cardboard safely and to handle it easily.

And this is a kind of furniture of the birthday calendar for my client. After the lack is painted serveral times, I hope it’s finally finished to be sent. It really takes much time and endurance – things I always underestimate and things I always need to learn.

Thank you for your kind feedback!

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