happy easter

Chris’ mother Rosmarie and grandma Pauline came from Dietmannsried to Munich to visit us! Thank you so much for the long journey with a train and climbing up the stairs till our 3rd floor apartment, Oma! 😉

I love this pic!!:))

Well, our easter of this year is going by pretty relaxed and comfortable, cuddly at home with reading, having a nap, now and then riding our bicycles or taking a walk around our block, .. and of course the new second-hand amp about 30 years old is absolutely the main engagement of Chris!;)

I have no idea about such thing, but it’s really impressive, how complex its inside looks like!@o@

And you bet it, how inspired was Chris on it! 😉

This will be my next project, the birthdaycard design of a childbirth! 😉

Thank you for your kind feedback!

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