Hi, everyone!:) Here I am, back to my normal life!
The competition of the office is now over, I have worked through the night on the last day though, but now after almost 22 hours sleep I feel much better and relaxed.
And the spring has changed the air, at my balcony room there’re so many sweet fellows now that give me such a big surprise every day and night.

Kapuziner!Capuchin It’s my first time planting flower seeds. I guess, I should change their pots to a bigger one soon.;) They look like an umbrella and it reminds me of the leaf of Totoro, which he used unter the rain. If you didn’t see this wonderful movie yet, ‘my neighbor, Totoro’… you must!!!:D It’s the best!..for me.;)

A new hair cut! hihi, fresh moved, it smells so green, mhmmmm-!

I hope, they’ll grow all fine and healthy, oh yes, I hope so much that I’ll not fail to let them grow up as they wish.

Hehe.. between my babies.;)

I wish you all a warm, sunny, funny spring day! And next time, let me be outside and have some fresh air!! 🙂

Thank you for your kind feedback!

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