enjoying the moment

Usually I don’t easily enjoy my free time, ehm, what is actually a ‘free time’? When I’m finished with the work in the office, soon I get a bad feeling that I’ve neglected my duty as an artist. But right now, when I ‘must’ concentrate on only one thing (the competition of the office), every single moments not doing the main thing is sooo precious so that I find suddenly myself free and enjoying pure the moment without any blocking. Then I think just for a second, being an employee could not be so bad. But I know, it’s not my thing.;)

I allowed to myself to drop by a flower shop and took this cute flowers. I’ve heard the name which’s never left in my head like any other names of objects…:(

Yes! I’ve even found some time to get ready my garden for the spring! Huraa-
If everything goes right, there’ll be lots of herbs, grass-flowers and also some sunflowers!:))

Our peaceful Saturday morning at breakfast seems a bit dull, Chris reading on newspaper, I some magazines. But it’s truly what we desire through the whole week.

..and a banana-oatmeal-bread.:)

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