my last weekend till april

I don’t like my ability as an artist sometimes – like this, I’m in a team for an architectural competition which the office takes part in. A good side of it is a big, great challenge, but in fact the main side intends lots of work through many days and nights, until the competition ends..and that’s why I may say that I had my last weekend and till April there’ll be hardly any weekend for me including the whole team members, of course.:(

So, I decided to have a special weekend and invited the Luka’s family on the 1st floor – Ines, Fabian and Luka is a 2 and half year old sweet clever sporty boy.:) to the tea time on Sunday afternoon. But probably I was too much concerned about the fact that I’m not able to enjoy the weekend for a while and that made me contrary get stressed. Ja, selber schuld, ich weiss.:'( Yes, it’s my own fault, I know.


On Saturday evening I’ve baked a peach streusel cake and on Sunday, just half an hour before the visitor came, I was almost to cry, ’cause the cake wasn’t baked through at all!! Panic, anger, stress, blame to my self, all together I was ‘fix und fertig’ totally beaten! Punctually they came and the cake should stay in the oven. Fortunately we had some cookies and fruits to make Luka feel happy! For us, the adults, the cake had a mercy, I guess. We ate though the cake, of course after it was baked thoroughly! And for its sake, it tasted fine.:)


Sorry, thank you and I love you, for going through all of my stress and panic by myself, Chris. I hope he can share the cake with his colleagues at the office with a bit proud.;)


And this may be our normal Sunday evening, Chris ironing the clothes at the floor and me washing the dishes in the kitchen.:)


How sweet and lovely! The snowdrop from the garden of Ines, Fabian and Luka.:) Now our home can be changed to the spring mode.

It started here raining, I hope the spring comes soon!

ps. I guess, it’ll be hard to me to blog often or even at all..?? But I’ll try to have some time to write down something and have always an eye to take photos around the daily life..but can’t promise though. Take care everyone and till the next time!

3 thoughts on “my last weekend till april”

  1. Hi Su-Pyo,

    ich haette auch gerne 'nen Mann, der buegelt. Kann man die bei Dir bestellen?
    Ganz viele liebe Gruesse und viel Erfolg beim Wettbewerb aus der neuen Welt!

    CU Maria

  2. Hallo Maria,
    aber willst wirklich 'nen Mann, der 'nur' bügelt? Die allen Rest mach ich normalerweise, aber schon freiwillig.;) Danke, hoffentlich wird diesmal wenigstens was!
    Schöne liebe Grüsse nach Berkeley,

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