I’ve learned, with the modern oven my baking looks and tastes much better, it doesn’t matter if I’m good or not at baking. It was the same recipe which I’ve already made serveral times at the old house. But suddenly it came out so good! Well, there’s some point why people wants such fancy kitchen with futuristic

Anyhow, it’s so awesome looking inside the oven from almost(!) standing view.:))

I: Uff, I don’t know with what I can fill this huge refrigerator…:(
Chris: So what?
I: I’ve heard that it’s not good either running a hollow refrigerator..
Chris: If that makes you care, then fill with beer full! Oh, com’on~, take it easy!

You know what, I’ve never been in such luxury life since I was born…so, maybe I’ll get some more beer.;)

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