website of sandkasten

The website of sandkasten is now relaunched.
sandkasten is a temporary exhibit-room in meisterhöfen on the sandstrasse 33 at munich and also where I had my 3rd single-exhibition last year – zeit und raum.
The layout-concept is from my client – the curator of sandkasten, prof. Lauber and I build/programmed for the website.

Unfortunately I can’t feel any christmas season or a kind of ‘the-end’ for this year and that’s also one of many reasons why I have nothing to blog these days..that I’m lacking of normal pace of my life makes me pretty gloomy and sorrow. Hm, maybe I ‘am’ at the end of a year, so I feel like that?
I hope though on this weekend having some muse and enjoying myself.;)
‘Have yourself a merry little christmas~’

Thank you for your kind feedback!

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