let’s start!

Welcome to su-pyo.com 2011!! 🙂
To be honest.. I know already which part has to be upgraded soon or later.
The critique of Chris that the online-shop isn’t ‘einfach und zugänglich’ – ‘easy and accessible’ enough is true, but for right now I have no idea how I can make it better.. well, let me just start with this level! It ‘is’ also not bad to know where I should go and where I am.:)
I told to myself at the beginning of this year that I’ll do my best to make my business public, eventhough I’m very foul and stubborn for such thing. And now at the end of this year I may be a bit proud of myself, he-.
It took a long time but the online-shop is ready at last and if it brings me some results or not, we’ll see next year.;)

Would you be kind to tell your friends and recommend my small online shop? 😀

Thank you for your kind feedback!

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