entire heart

You know,..whenever I let the exhibition run, I was overwhelmed with feeling in vain. Maybe it has left so much imperfect parts on me or maybe just my expectation was too big or suddenly it seemed that I have nothing more to do.
But this time is different, yea, very different. I wasn’t thinking about the exhibition any more but there is already the next theme in my head wandering 😉 and it gave me no time to regret nor to fall in vain.
And adding on this happy change from me, I received this wonderful photo from one of my admiring persons, Alyssa the photographer! To see my works again, even if it was just a small card, and in such a good condition, no, much better! they have even noble frames!! in such a wonderful working place!! I can’t find any perfect word for this!!
And she has even put a blog on me :)) I recommend you all her website and you’ll understand how honoured I am, when you see her photos and her project – our world insideout.
It was more than a prize from any other contests and as if a young architectural student got a gaze from the great master, like Peter Zumthor ;), my heart was beating! Thank you so much, Alyssa!:))

And now I’m preparing for the give-away cards.;)

To celebrate my 2nd zimmer-gallery, I made Kim-bab(Korean Sushi) with rocket and tuna-paprika-eggroll for us.;)

Thank you for your kind feedback!

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