pro and contra

After I decided to work freelance in design and art, there’s one bitter thing I should swallow to survive the reality.
What I usally loved to do with full of impassion and such an ease without any distress is now the biggest burden to me, namely searching for motives of cards, especially for christmas.:( Anyhow, it’s almost 3 years? ago since I made the one and only christmas-card and I felt so bad that I didn’t or couldn’t design/draw any other cards for christmas.

But I have some lust yet and started some sketches as warming-up.;)

 It’s very interesting for me that when I try to draw a living being only with my memories, there’s so many blank pieces, how little my brain can save at once. And nevertheless! more I try to remind it less I see a likeness in my sketches, hm. I need more practice, yes, indeed.

 I tried also just to catch some characters of it. Only my pencil was making fat and bumpy lines, like me..

 From the memories of lemur, I guess, it’s left just the long tail and the rubbery fingers in my head. huhu.

 Slowly I was getting tired from the bunch of unsuccessful sketches..

 Okay, that’s enough. 😉 But and then…! Finally I found 3 motives for christmas card!:)) They’re just ground-sketches now. I’ll let you know as soon as when I produced the exemplar cards. Keep watching-.

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