bioparc at valencia, spain

Chris and I were invited to the wedding from Chris’s friend who has married a spanish woman and the wedding was held in Valencia of Spain. And we visited also my friends with their daughter in Barcelona.
Besides the beautiful sunny weather in Spain, reunion with Chris’s friends and my friends in Barcelona, delicious foods, and the vacation itself!!, the most interesting memory from staying in Spain was from the bioparc at Valencia.
I’ve never been in such a free and natural zoo, where I could hardly find any boundary of cage or a kind of safety-zone between visitors and animals. If I stretch my arm enough, maybe I could have caught one of lemurs on the pepper tree. :)) And all the animals were so close living together! If one of those animals intends to get out of there, I would believe that he can make it. Anyway, it was so great to see those animals under the same sky like us and not covered by any wire-cages.

For gorillas it seems pretty unhappy in there.. Chris said they are too clever to put into a cage. And I think so too..:(

Suddenly the hyaena was showing an interest of something and of course I was curious and had a look around..and there was a small girl, about 4 or 5 years old, standing near the area of hyaena. O.M.G! A hyaena ‘is’ hyaena, even though he is living in a zoo.

Thank you for your kind feedback!

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